Monthly Archives: December 2015

Blessing’s in Diguise


Today’s blog post is about blessing’s in disguise and how some of our seeming problem’s might be there to give us a higher order blessing. When we perceive the world through a victim mentality and endure the complications of other another’s ego getting in the way  including our own. It can be difficult for us to see past the wilderness that surrounds us everyday, keep the faith, and believe in something that we can’t see. We can say we are being blinded by our own grief.

The worst part and the best part is everyone else is blinded by there own grief. The worst part about other’s being blinded by there own grief it can have us feeling hopeless and comparing our grievance’s with someone else instead and looking for sugar to make us feel better. We start finding that connection and sustainability with other’s through grief and finding joy and meaning in the world. It may also have us feeling guilty if we don’t want to settle and change that grandiosity with ourselves.

The best part apart realizing that everyone is blinded by there own grief you realize you are 100% responsible for dealing with your’s nothing nor anyone special is going to save you.You are the knight of your own life who needs to slice through the grief and terror and make sense of it all.  You set yourself free from a grievance than your able to extend yourself and set those other’s free from their gridlock of grief and it get’s so much easier to forgive other’s and yourself for mistakes.

I am not going to lie to anybody deep rooted personal transformation  is a lot harder than it’s sound’s. Your perception of yourself and a lot of different thing’s is going to change. All the wrong thing’s will may start turning out to be the best thing’s that ever happened to you. Your very own soul will want to see you set free from every act of self betrayal until your window’s are clean and your vision is restored.