Monthly Archives: March 2016

Thinking for other people.


I see a lot of people talking about social peer pressure. But I never see anyone talking about the silent pressure that come’s from other’s to think for them. I’m sure there are a lot of folk’s out there who do enjoy thinking for other’s. Like you always have to be careful of what you say do because might just jump up and do even though it may not be best for them. Kinda hard to explain. I like to express my initial thought’s on things and see if it expands into anything in the future. I’m all for picking up on shade’s and perspective’s around social and human issues. It’s like everyone’s deprived but they don’t know how to reach for thing’s.


Are you Tired?


Then rest. What does resting mean to you? For the fast few years I feel like I have been going non stop just trying to get myself somewhere and have been going through many transitions on all levels and different area’s of my life. Just like my last post Im starting to see the blessing’s in disguise in my life. I was bending over backwards to much for people. Now I need to rest but I am still resistant and feeling a little hyper sensitivity of still feeling the pressure to perform. But recently the voice in my head has been telling my I need to rest but I know it’s not sleeping rest it’s awakening rest. I feel guided to start taking the bicycle out and being in nature and writing. I also feel like I should be doing nothing else beside’s that. I wonder where it will lead me. I’ve kinda been cooped up in the for a while and not feeling aligned with my old friends yet not ret to make new ones. so this just may be another transition im going through. Interested to see what come’s out on the other side of this.