My Higher Order perspective of Veganism.


I Wonder why more spiritual teacher’s never heal their self concept. They condemn other’s why teaching peace and freedom But it’s hard since most people don’t like people for who they are they like other’s for what they can do for them it’s a double standard. Anyway, I went through a big ordeal in my spiritual work with veganism and reconstructed it. I had to humiliate the shit out of myself to make it happen so I hope it;s helpful in the future to teach people to use it to open themselves up not to deprive themselves so they are not molding themselves to anything to save themselves and receive praise and attention from other’s.The big issue that arose from veganism is how many people live in DOUBLE BINDED situation’s in this world. You can solve a problem but then you would be creating a mess somewhere else. I do not let them seek in vain for answer’s to solve their problem’s and they get to learn grey’s. Some question’s do come up that need to be though about though. Human’s are in pain because they are deprived. I DESPISE isolation of perspective’s.I don’t see many people setting themselves or other’s free from their own cages. So I am open to all perspective’s and shade’s.

1. How many decisions or move’s do you make or not make in life out of guilt and fear?

2. Why do people walk around with a fake pasted smile on their face when there in pain? Why doesn’t anyone validate pain but numb it instead?

3. Do you feel like there is something in your life you really do not want to be doing but those same people who are nice to you will attack you if you don’t do it. Are those around you see you for who you are and are you showing that to other’s or are you just doing the ideal thing but it’s not what you want?

4.Why do we hurt some and help other’s? Why do some people hurt us and then turn around and go help somebody else?

5. Why do we pardon other’s for their bullshit instead of forgiving them.

6. How are families going to put food on their table and pay for thing’s when food is big business?

7. Why is most behavior sideways? Do you listen to other’s and have communication skills? Do you ask question’s are just assume?

9. Why do grown ass adult throw temper tantrum’s when there not getting way or see something they don’t like or if someone says something they don’t want to hear? but reside in these kind of communities yes even religions.

10. Is it Ethical to never give a fuck about what another human being want’s and desire’s in their heart. Are you willing to help another person reach that? Are you willing to do whatever it take’s do get yourself there.

is it ethical to deprive yourself and other’s?.

12. How can we help other’s emotionally mature to be present with uncomfortable feeling’s.

13. Why do people see their chain’s as their freedom?

The more perspective people gain the more the way we define what is right and wrong and what is ethical and isn’t ethical will change to.

. It’s appalling at how unaware of ourselves we can be. and the amount of abuse that goes on and lack of communication.

There’s no point because people harbor to much rage and shame. until people are open to undoing a lot of grief in their life nothing will get stable. How can you liberate an animal from it’s pain until you liberate human’s from their’s. Human’s are in pain because they are deprived. The self concept is used to hide all that ugly stuff and and masked with charm I make them take it off. Now I was able to make vegan-ism an open discussion to share perspective’s to give another human compassion instead of an argument, debate and a philosophy. If I do not create a safe haven for people to grow and be honest with where they are at without being shamed or attacked and abused for it. I also make sure that they undo do their hero role’s so they can be healer;s… that is another double bind everyone love’s hero’s. People get the wrong impression they think if your not trying to be a hero then your not trying to help them. But I refuse to see anyone or anything in this world as weak or sick. This to help people have faith within themselves and follow their own guidance. I can go on about this but I probably won’t do anything until next year. #spirtuality #spiritualteacher’s #veganism


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