Are you being stingy with yourself?


Are you offended often? You may be being stingy with your self towards others. being offended may be a call for you to open up and share your perspective with other as well as you needing to listen to their… without secretive self righteous behavior.


My new motto in life is sometime’s you need to get offended in order to get transcended. People want feel connected and nourished by other’s and if your depriving yourself out of the fear of what other may think of you and settle for quiet desperation and specialness your life may not turn out as great as you would like it to be.


When we stay open to other perspectives and allow ourselves to be offended we get to learn where we need to grow as people instead of walking on egg shells around other or being the person who other’s feel they need to walk around us if we want to solve issue better as a human and as a species as a whole.


I got so offended by other’s when I stopped walking on eggshells around people but my life opened up more and more each time. I hit a point where i got so stressed out that one day a voice came in my head and said “Stop doing favor’s for other’s” will other’s be offended if I don’t? sure they will be. But I know where it’s coming from and it’s the best thing for myself and for other’s for me to not do so. People need to get offended sometime’s to grow. We can’t treat grown ass adult’s like children and we can’t expect other’s to do the same for us. If that in which you feel entitled to is stemming from a place of grief you may be looking at a situation in your life the wrong way and refusing to take responsibility for that you would like another person to become a replacement for to quiet that grief and emptiness.


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