I contributed tens of thousands of dollars to my coaches and healers because I recognized the value of their work. My readers are perfectly capable of doing the same.

Everytime I hear you say this…you think it’s your abundance mentality speaking but it is 100% your limiting beliefs talking.
Not only that is what your saying is I made the assumption and personal interest choice decision and I am having regret and feeling entitled now because I have grief because what this situation cost me.
I want other’s to make up and pay for my mistakes or to do the same as i did. what you thought to be right at the time was not real at all. Maybe what your also saying is that the needs of other are conflicting with my own personal interest which is not the same as your own best interest. What I also hear is… I’m feeling lost, disempowered, and I’m not going the extra mile any more who won’t do the same.. i thought i would help other’s first to make it okay in getting my own needs met and other’s would eventually reciprocate.


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