feel of being alone or abandonment.


is this what makes people pushy? addictive? narcissist? vain?  The more personal transformation i do i dont feel comfortable anymore feeling responsible for that in other’s which i notice other’s will do. I dont want to avoid life with my friends. I think everyone needs to deal with that feel which might lead to an empowering shift for connection with others in a healthy stable way that is not a one sided relationship or a roller coaster. self expression is their. i dont like being called anymore just so the person doesn’t feel lonely. i rather be support as the person works through those feels so there are less headaches in the long run . instead of running up to someone and throwing your regret into their hands deal with on their own. ive actually worked on this for a while and ill be alone and still fearing and im like what does it matter im already somewhat alone. so the fear of being alone then transitions into something else. nobody like to feel claustrophobic either.


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