when you need empathy or when you need will.


some people will play the victim and act like they always need attention and understand from other’s  when in realty they just need will to step up to the plate in life and correct their mistakes. its easy to get into destructive empathy patterns when your not giving but leaning on others to fill in the gaps of your future just in case’s.


does destructive empathy eventually transform itself into will?

from my personal development journey this is how i remember things emotionally unraveling.  undoing of sympathy… which was a hard step in my life to take…destructive empathy, then empathy/will.they were all very useful in my transformation but its all a process and i see people getting stuck in different spots”the way to be”. sympathy to me is like sugar giving people that keeps them stuck in there victim mentality, destructive empathy is enduring someone else pain and putting on the hero role… but to me its just also a side effect of feeling sorry for yourself or afraid of losing connection and out growing those around you and walking in uncertainty that no one else will be on the other side. also needing nourishment. Im finally hitting a new level of empathy which should have its own posts. the only thing that sucks about personal transformation is finding new words to fit your understanding and explaining to others too.

destructive empathy AND co dependent habits.


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