My meditation journey began when i was 13 years old im 24 now turning 25 on July 6th. I was reading a cosmo girl magazine. i wish i remember more in full detail but i remember it was a little tiny 3 to 4 sentence paragraph that grew into something bigger as time when on. In that paragraph a girl was sharing something about meditation and it just stuck to me. I also read chicken soup for the soul. I never thought i would be into personal self development i just would do things without thinking. But i was always called to it my whole entire life. It still does not always make sense to me. It was always an in out thing. What i learned is you do not need to be ritualistic about anything in order to be committed to something because you might wound up depriving yourself.

Eventually when i was around 19 i was called in again into a big transformation and reframe in my life. I needed that meditation and that is when i went even more deeper into meditation i still only did it when i needed it but i needed to do it a lot for the next some odd years after that but it became a lay bed meditation but always trying to be more meditated with eyes open in public. Now I am the point where i feel like i am going on meditation and it has gone back to a low level cycle right now in my life when i feel intuited to doing it but then i dont always feel great after. We can use meditation as an escape. what i learned about personal transformation is the longer you go sometimes the dark it will get. I also was able to get out of the past and out of the story.  Im still slowing trying to piece everything thing i learned all together thats why i started this blog.


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