When someone steals your stuff


Recently I have been dealing with someone who keeps stealing my idea’s and the list goes on with this human being. I was getting pissed off at her and I was not sure why the situation kept arising. She is not the only one who has done it to me over the years. I think she uses me because she is almost 50 years and has lost her passion and creative thinking skills. What she most gets from me is relationship skills, blog article’s, video ideas,  new ideas, healing, and new offer’s …That’s a lot of stuff to take from someone and when I ask for money she will not send me a dime. But something clicked in my head today after going off on her that reminded me of situation in 7th grade…my teacher stole my idea without giving me any credit. Is it petty yes but it still hurt to see my ideas get stolen by someone much older than me.Back to the other lady she steals my stuff viciously. Now i give making sure i get even if i get healed from the situation. I noticed that those who steal my ideas like it because it makes their lives simple. I’ve got to learn to grow from this situation and learn to protect my ideas better. I just do not know how because i do enjoy sharing and I know a lot of people have to much pride to ask for help. Now i have a new situation to learn from in my young years. Wish me luck !!! I also have situation with another middle school teacher that i have been healing. I need these situations to better empower those around against authority. I am interested to see how this unravels. Most of what I am healing right now is coming from middle school. But i remember her taking my stuff and I felt powerless to do anything about it so i just had to go along with it. now i am hitting the same wall with another person. But that wall is going to get healed.


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