Fork in the road.

I am going to be righting about be young and opposition that comes from authority.

See I know authority is an illusion but Authority usually does not know they are an illusion. As someone in their mid 20’s I am always up against  authority. But what do you do when you know something but any authority is against but we need those authorities in order to get our needs met. Everyday billions of people go without getting their needs met?  Should we be nice and polite or just go for the jab with our fork and take what we need when it comes to the authorities surrounding our life. Most authorities will put themselves into a position of authority to get their needs met. I just think authority needs a transition and needs to grow up. I feel like most authorities in this world are ungrown children who tell other’s they can not come to their birthday party if you do something they do not like. Helps me out with what kind of Authority or person I need to be.




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