The Heart of the Matter


Orderly,Epitome, and Spare.

These are perfect words to express my recent challenges with my life, work and relationships. I have been on a very intensive personal/spiritual path for over past six years which brought out so much chaos and disorder around me. The chaos is finally shifting. I started the blog to have an area to put my thoughts down of what I have been learning along the way and create order from the chaos which will  hopefully help create an epitome of all my learning. What resignate’s most with me from the word Epitome is Essence.

We all have an essence or epitome to us.  We have an orderly way in which operate their is an authentic self in all us. The harder we pressure our selves to be different and the more we feel society’s pressure’s. When we are amidst the chaos of all of it, we miss seeing that the good in all of it can bring us to our essence. It returns us to the heart of the matter. If we can spare each other the grief we can all add spice to life by allowing what is in our hearts to be the epitome of how we choose to live. Our very own heart will be the orderly soldier at our’s and other’s  service. In my work I have been wondering how can i get people to work more orderly while having them do what is in their hearts at the same time. Spare yourself the grief and do what is in your heart.

The Heart of the Matter




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