Reminds me of one of my favorite movie’s i used to watch when I was younger called “Blank check”. Where the kid find’s a blank check  processes it through an old ass Macintosh computer takes it to the bank and leaves with wads of cash in his backpack. I have sat and thought about what I would do if I had that amount of money or more. Have you ever heard about all those lottery winner’s or celebrities that have that kind of money and before they knew it they we’re  back at square one like none of it ever happened? Well that also happened to the kid in the movie he had fun with it and eventually the party was over.

I have also read countless books and information on Abundance over the years and I see money in a new light. I know most people think if they can just dream up some large lump some of money if would solve all their problems…but out of all the information I have read about money and  abundance in life is this “abundance is getting what you need when you need it” weather it be 5 dollars or a million. What we can all learn from those lottery winners that it probably best for us to do some inner work on ourselves so we do not lose any abundance in life whichever form it takes. Abundance requires creativity and faith not only that it requires knowing exactly before hand what you need to with it for the greater good of yourself  and other’s. Oh yea and do not be shy if you have to knock on many doors before you get it or knock on the same door 100 times!Blank


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