I spent the last few years getting in touch with a lot of anger…you’d be surprised the amount that can rise when you give yourself space to be present with all your emotions. I do not like the way society looks upon anger…like it is such a bad thing. Delving into anger can be a very transcendental outlet for growth. We know we are feeling angry but when not conscious with it the worst thing about anger is we usually not have clarity on why we are angry or what we are angry about. Anger or any emotions is not something to just be expressed it is also an emotion that needs to be unraveled and cleared from our systems. Suppressed anger not only affect”s your health but also your abundance.

I was experiencing upper back pain. It felt like density on my shoulder’s and though i still have back pain…once I started consciously clearing anger and getting in touch a lot of uncomfortable pain started to dissipate. No one can say they are not angry when we still live in a world with a lot of opposition existing in this world at all different angle’s  in the year 2016. The upper back pain to me symbolized the responsibility of other’s that I was taking on and they are refusing to do. That is why diving into anger can be great…we start to give back the aches and responsibilities that are not our’s and we figure what our boundaries are. We are still living under a dream where if we just become a hero, help, do the work for other’s we will look like great people…and if enough people hurt themselves for other’s one day this planet will be saved.  But what i realized is doing that also has it down falls because it leads to a lot of  suppressed, regret, hostility and, tension between people. It’s the pleasure and pain duality.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been bending over backwards trying to help other’s and getting no where yourself?

I was that person until i was so stressed and woke up and learned to give the responsibility back. I was that person until I learned I was doing favor’s for other’s and sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to do no favor’s for them at all. Until I learned we are still living under very old ways of surviving. I was in a hustle but I was not thriving. I also had to learn to love myself at my absolute worst so I didn’t think i had to act,think or do in a certain way in order to get something after. I had to learn that expecting other’s to reciprocate because I chose to do something, was the wrong perspective. Guess what happened while I was getting real with myself…I got so much hate and anger from people who came off so charming but those people we’re me. So I woke up from my dream of  being the hero/victim and layed it a side, so the real me can live. Me doing that thrashed my old relationships but if im honest they we’re never that great to begin with but left them with a space to grow into something new if it happens. Anger supported me in raising my standards. By me raising my standards i feel like im raising the bar for the rest of the planet.  Anger is never justified by attack…but if you are kind with your anger it will be kind with you if  allow it. Sometime’s I used to think I was angry at other people…but I was really angry at myself without even knowing it and this something that most people do not realize that create’s depression. I didn’t know what I didn’t know…that I could have not learned about myself if I was not willing to see through my own anger. Let’s not try to deny our anger but let’s find way to exult it to it highest anf best. Angry


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