Let’s see what we can find when we search purpose on the internet. Well, looks like I found article’s with definition’s on the subject purpose, Justin Bieber’s album, and an activist organization. Interesting how all the outrage this day in age for a while now.. has not only been about finding your “purpose”, it’s also been about activism and Justin Beiber for a really long time now. For a hot minute I used to think I had to be some sort special person to make a difference in this world. Find my purpose, get into activism…be a “somebody”. Fight the fight!  From one rude awakening to next one seeming never ending issue to the other. Do we have to do bunch special things first in order to have Peace on this planet second? If so…why? Are we always just going to be finding something wrong? Do we even have clarity, distinction, and our priorities straight on these issues? What happen’s then the problems are solved? It just become’s a phase we went through. Even worse we can use these issue’s as a distraction.

I have my own perspective about activism.  Do not get wrong Im not saying we should not be doing anything about anything…but we also need to be honest with where we are at and where thing’s are making an effect and where they are not. Even if it might be at the expense of offending someone. I heard someone say something I love…“There is a difference between what is right and what is real.” Teal Swan  to me that make’s a lot a sense.   Which i noticed in a lot of activist group they we’re portraying themselves as right but they we’re not willing to be real. Im not saying whatever cause they are fighting for is wrong what im saying is  the way we are going about it is not the best because they can conclude that they are right.  I think activating on a subject come’s with emotional maturity not self righteousness. Not only that I firmly believe that we can not always bring up the past to clarify our case in the now. To simply put it things are getting messy and let’s not create more grief quicker then we are trying to solve it and let’s not move out of fear. Reflecting has helped me find purpose …seeing the meaning behind supposedly meaningless event’s

You are living your purpose every minute just the way you are and where you. Everyone’s Purpose on this planet is to learn something, learn, grow and stretch your soul. You do not need to find yourself you need to remember who you are. To me purpose means showing up not showing off! That’s how i see as a way to make yourself significant to others.  From activist groups how can I live my life with purpose always being right and getting into the hype…It was not possible for me it some it seems like an OCD issue. What about the problem’s that are right in front of our face’s that we can barely fix ? Some things do not need a carried out act of rebellion to prove a point or help.This is my very own perspective and rant and im sure I could write more about it because it can be a topic in and of it’s self so maybe I leave that for a further day.

Now what the hell does Justin Beiber have any purpose in all this. I’m sure if I tried I could figure out…But what do mean and Love yourself is def about of the purpose equation. Thank  for the reminder Justin!Purpose



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