I used to look up into the Sky and pray to God. I sat by window looked up into the Sky and prayed that he would save one of my best friend’s mother from Breast Cancer, my Uncle from Pancreatic Cancer and another one of my best friend’s dad from Skin Cancer. Unfortunately none of them are here with us today. Through these death’s and disease the whole foundation  of my life started to crumble and my outlook changed to. I’ll never forget these people because while i was praying for them to be saved something through all of it was saving me. I started to understand a greater sense of connection that happens around us all the time that is impossible to get a sense of with a closed heart and mind. These people I am grateful for. I have gained the wisdom that is not death that we should be afraid of but regret. Regret can keep us from reaching the sky. Shutting down when something bad occurs instead of trying to learn the lesson can take the sky away from us.

Because of them I want to help other’s become more comfortable with themselves so they can more open an authentic. These people helped me pave a new road and foundation for other’s to live a life without regret. I decided to put my pride aside and I am refusing to be the person who feeds into cancer awareness. I do not want to play that game where i feed into the problem and join with other’s in grief im going to take it down with the solution. I am going to take thing’s a step further and lead people into self awareness and restored faith. Reverse and restore.Sky


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