Childhood comes and goes yet it also shapes and leads into our adult lives.

Mixed with a lot of fun and good time’s we wish we can have back yet time’s occur that are not so spick and span that leave’s us never wanting to look back.

As we grow older we will always need our parent’s even if we do not show it. Do not forget your inner child who needs you.

Childhood is where we play and chase the sun down. That’s when the time was much slower.

your friend’s we’re usually always free to come join and there were no plans to be made.

The petty thing’s were the only thing that mattered and now the petty thing’s do not need to matter so much.

When I was a child i remember  counting the years until my freedom. Which was around this time in my life. I realized  My Inner child  always wanted freedom that im still striving for today.

What did your inner child want that you are or not living up to today? What are you depriving your inner child having?

Please do not let your inner child down.




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